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Innovative material and Fabrication Solutions

Whether you need a component or a finished part, Associated Plastics CNC laser cutting equipment produces tight tolerance products with clean finished edges.


We offer a large variety of plastics to choose from and our expert team can help you decide which material is right for your project.


Associated Plastics also specializes in post cutting fabrication services including bending, solvent welding, assembly and more.

Our Laser cutting machine is capable of cutting and engraving many types of plastics and other materials including

         Plexiglass                             Acrylic                                              Styrene                           

         PETG​                                       ABS                                                   Acetal           

         Delrin                                     Engraving stock                            Fabrics


         Wood                                      MDF                                                  Plywood                                

         Felt                                         Leather                                            Lamacoids

engraving stock colour chart_edited.jpg

Engraving stock colour chart

Lamacoid signs, tags and labels are a popular cost-effective option for identification and signage.

Associated Plastics Lamacoid engraving materials are available in almost any colour combination with a coloured front surface and different a colour backing that shows where the front surface is engraved through.

We can supply components with adhesive backing or screw holes for indoor or outdoor applications.

Our laser cutting & engraving services include:

Industrial Labels and Tags                               Safety Labels and Tags
Electrical Panel Tags                                        Control Panel Tags
Instrument Panel Tags                                      Equipment Labels and Tags
Custom Panel Labels and Tags                         Name Plates
Name Tags                                                         Office Door Signage
Plaques                                                              Dimensional Lettering
Directional Signage                                           POP Displays and Signage
Business Signage                                              Wayfinding signs

We supply custom laser cut and engraved components to a wide variety of industries including




Art Galleries and Trade Shows

Trade Shows

Educational Institutions



Some of the laser cut/engraved products we produce include:- 


  • 3D letters and signs                    

  • Film industry props and signs     

  • Jewelry

  • Art installation components        

  • Name tags                                 

  • Lenses

  • Awards                                       

  • Plaques                                     

  • Fire extinguisher cabinet windows

  • Control and instrument panels    

  • Stencils                                     

  • Asset tags

  • Directional and wayfinding signs                      

  • Cake toppers

3D Letters and Signs

From simple shapes to complex industrial parts, the team at Associated Plastics is ready to help meet your specifications

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